ViraOne: The Story of the Good Stuff

After months of testing, preparing and planning, we are almost ready to launch ViraOne into the world. What is ViraOne and what makes it the Good Stuff?

ViraOne is a nutritional mix for the people. You don’t need to be a high performance athlete or aspiring body builder to enjoy ViraOne. All you need is a desire to introduce a little more goodness into your life.

In the Beginning

The product was crafted, through trial and error over a long period of time, by certified nutritionist Adele Engel in the mountains of British Columbia. Adele began applying her vast knowledge of nutrition and superfoods when she was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. She healed herself with the mix that she created, and soon people started coming to her in search of whole health.

Adele generously shared her product with everyone and organically built a devoted clientele. But when faced with the decision to make the magic mix even more available to a wider audience, Adele knew she wasn’t up to the task.

The Next Phase of ViraOne

When I discovered Adele and her delicious mix through my work in the yoga community, I saw its potential. My entrepreneurial spirit and honest desire to do good in the world was sparked and when Adele offered to pass the torch, I accepted.

I’m sticking with Adele’s original recipe, keeping the ingredients list intact. The mix is being manufactured locally and distributed in select locations, in accordance with Health Canada guidelines.

On a Mission to Do Good

I really want ViraOne to not only be good for our bodies, but to DO good in the world. As a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher, I believe in a holistic approach to health. When I use something for my body, I want it to be healthy on all levels.

I express my belief in personal, collective and community health through a partnership with New Leaf Yoga Foundation, a service organization that provides yoga classes for at-risk youth. A percentage of our profits goes directly to New Leaf and supports their programs.

This is why we call it the Good Stuff! ViraOne makes it possible to feel good, so you can do more good in the world.


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