Restful Restorative Poses

Pose photos courtesy of ViraOne Ambassador Dianne Bondy

Tis the season to feel the weather change. We also may experience higher than normal stress levels, which is why these two restorative poses will help you seek solace during this busy time.

Whether we’re feeling like we don’t have enough time, feeling the pressure to give and receive the perfect gift, or just general pressure (!), practicing the wind relieving pose will help release tension in your lower back and abdomen, while also strengthening both areas. You’ll give your intestines a nice massage, and this pose will help with digestion of all the yummy foods you might encounter this time of year!

Wind Relieving Pose (pictured above)

Lay on your back, start with one straight leg along the ground and one leg bent. Hug your bent leg in towards your belly. Practice this on both legs, then, as pictured above, bring both legs in towards your stomach and give yourself a nice, tight hug. The second picture is a great alternative. Try out both and see what works best for your body.

Twisting is a good way to undo all the tension we build as we sit, drive, look down at our phones… The supine twist helps to relieve tension in your lower back. It opens your shoulders that tend to tighten during aforementioned activities, and it elongates your spine.


Supine Twist  (pictured above)

Lay on your back, lift both knees in toward your chest. As pictured above, place your bent legs towards the floor beside your body. Try your best to keep your spine straight and your hips stacked – one side under the other – and both your shoulders on the ground (the opposite shoulder may lift so just keep softening it downwards). To give your bent legs a bit more support, try placing a pillow underneath or between them. If you feel comfortable here, try looking in the opposite direction.


Final Resting Pose  (pictured above)

Lay comfortably on your back with your arms spread wide (they can also be in close to your body if that feels better). A supportive blanket or bolster can be used under your upper back, and a block or blanket for your head. Place your heels together and gently reach your knees apart. Breath softly in to your belly. Option to extend your legs out straight and mat-width apart. Feel free to keep your eyes open or closed, whatever is most comfortable for you.

Hold each side for up to 3 minutes, then wrap up with 5 minutes in your final resting pose.

Total Time: 20 min


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