Karl Notargiovanni

Born to move & groove, Karl is grateful for the freedom and healing that yoga brings to his body. Having completed studies in several styles of massage and a graduate of Concordia’s BFA Contemporary Dance program, he is inspired to create in loving and healing ways.

Karl has completed training under the guidance of Ted Grand, Jess Robertson, Dina Tsouluhas, Kenny Graham and Sianna Sherman. He has also studied the Krishamacharya yoga lineage with Srivatsa Ramaswami and Ryan Leier. After years of practice, the Science of Yoga has demonstrated to him that its system affects us on deeper levels and connects us to everything, whether consciously or not… WE are ONE.

You can find Karl teaching and practicing at his studio, One Yoga for the People, and Moksha Yoga East Vancouver or travelling to studios across the country.

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