The Story of GoodStuff


Noreen, Mark and baby CJ

Partners Mark Brown and Noreen Cauley operate ViraOne in Oshawa, Ontario. The company was created in 2014 to offer better nutrition to people everywhere.

Our hope is that by providing people with quality nourishment, their energy, vitality, health and overall well-being will increase. In this state meaningful change can happen. We can advocate not just for ourselves, and our families, but for our local and global community. We care for each other, as well as the planet and animals – in this way the world becomes a better place. That’s the goal!


We love your name, where did it come from?

ViraOne Pose Well, the brand name, “GoodStuff,” and the very cool packaging was created by this awesome company. And the business name ViraOne comes from the yoga pose, Virabhadrasana 1 (or Warrior 1). As certified yoga teachers, Mark and Noreen guide people into this pose each week. They know how Warrior 1 can take a person from meh to good (and possibly even great!).

The pose invites steadiness in the midst of opposing energies, confidence, and the courage to face challenging situations. The modern-day weapons of a Yoga Warrior are gentleness, fearlessness, and determination. Grounded and fluid, the Yoga Warrior is ready to meet the world as it comes.

ViraOne is fuel for all types of Warriors. GoodStuff makes Bad Stuff go away.