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Created in the wild mountains, developed by yogis, made for warriors: the company is as unique as the product.


Community Action

ViraOne supports community work at three levels: local, national, and with our charitable partner. We live our mission to make health available to everyone.

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Make the Good Stuff a part of your everyday life! Our whole food health mix blends with your favourite beverage for a quick blast of sustained nutrition.

  • Stephanie Dickison

    I thought I had found the perfect all-in-one nutrition drink before, but it doesn't hold a candle to Chocolate Chaga Smoothie Mix. Thank you ViraOne, for making one of the best health products in the world.

    —Stephanie Dickison
    Toronto Food Critic & Blogger

  • Joanna G Young

    This is Good Stuff! It's so much more than a protein powder. Good Stuff contains everything you need to ensure bio-available nutrients, phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins and electrolytes.  It's a brain power enhancing, probiotic, adaptogen, full of greens, blue green algae and chlorophyll. Good Stuff is everything that I look for in a product; organic, non-gmo, plant based and locally sourced. All of this wrapped in to one delicious chocolate powder that my family loves!

    —Joanne Gerrard Young
    Executive Chef/Health Educator/Holistic Nutritionist
    Personal chef of Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady

  • Ted Grand

    I am such a big fan of the GoodStuff Smoothie.  Seriously, who would think that something that is so packed with goodness could taste so incredibly delicious.  I care a lot about what I put into my body and care also about ethical companies.  These guys have it going on in a big way, and are leading not only with their hearts and minds, but also their taste buds.  I can't recommend this product enough.  You should check out their website at www.viraone.com to learn about the charity they are aligned with and their unique and inspiring business philosophy.  Oh, and did I mention the smoothies are DELICIOUS?!?!?!

    —Ted Grand
    Co-Founder: Moksha Yoga (Canada) &
    Modo Yoga (International)
    Smoothie Aficionado

  • Natasha Z

    The quality and therapeutic value of the ingredients in Good Stuff is what I like most about the mix. Good stuff is not just highly nutritional, but excellent for immune support. As an ND, I see a lot of allergies, cancer, autoimmune diseases and chronic infections. This product is beneficial for all of those. With the smoothie craze in full force, Good Stuff is a great addition to anyone's favourite blend. There is nothing else like it in the marketplace and that is why I refer it to my patients.

    —Natasha Zajmalowski
    ND Proactive Healthcare, Windsor, ON

  • Trevor Dennehy - Rawlicious

    Still love waking up each morning to my Good Stufff chaga shake. Have begun spreading the word at my restaurant and I have to say everyone that tries it, LOVES IT. Sales for this product are increasing every month, why?, because once you try it you'll love it. Then you'll tell a friend and then they try it and love, and then they tell a friend...... see where I am going with this. So lucky to have this product available.

    —Trevor Dennehy
    Owner, Rawlicious Markham

  • Tina R Ward

    I can't say enough good stuff about Good Stuff! It's loaded with energy building, immunity boosting and digestive healing superfoods. I find it delicious just mixed with water - a fast convenient shake jam packed with nutrients. As a holistic nutritionist, I appreciate the health promoting organic and wild-crafted wholefoods in the mix; that's why I recommend it as a base for my customized nutritional shakes and smoothies I create for my clients. I have also developed a few tasty snack recipes using the mix...always a huge hit! Thanks Mark and Noreen of ViraOne for all the love and goodness you put in this product....much gratitude.

    —Tina R. Ward
    CNP, RNCP, ROHP| Holistic Nutritionist
    Founder of Tina R. Ward Nutrition

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